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Fossil banner

Fossil watches

Fossil models featured with outlook fashion and decidedly vintage look to them by making these timepieces one of the most popular in the United States nowadays. Company was founded in 1986 by Tom Kartsotis in Dallas, Texas and by the moment this brand is elite not only in USA. Company has a wide range of production starting with handbags and ending by wallets or clothes. Big attention to the uniqueness is still evident in Fossil models even today, as the vintage image is engrained in each model the watch giant designs and produces.

Men’s Fossil watches are truly a notch above every other fashion watch brand in the industry today.  This company line for ladies are nearly obligatory in ever relevant woman’s accessory collection as well. But the appearance isn’t the only point where manufacturer are focusing. Fossil watches are still good known by the quality – craftsmanship is excellent. Every women couldn’t be more pleased by getting so stylish product.

Even though if something goes wrong, Fossil Customer care center always act very promptly and communicating in good faith! Offering an unprecedented 11 year warranty, Fossil has emerged one of the most favorable players in this industry. So if you are searching for a great gift to your lovely lady – Fossil watches will be the best choice of that sum of money!

Casio G-Shock banner


Casio G-SHOCK were chasing with technologies for more then twenty year. Introduced in 1983 years they found their way to sport, military and outdoor adventure oriented activity fans’ hearts. Mainly the G-SHOCK name come from the main feature of this watch –  resistance to shocks. G-SHOCK has resistance to high-intensity vibrations, low temperatures and even achieves gravity resistance required for a instance flight data recorders.

Over the years the this product line become more complex and get a lot of new functions. At the moment everyone can buy this Casio line with the high-performance sensors that can measure directions, altitude and atmospheric pressure/temperature. More over, some models even have atomic clock synchronization feature, not even talking about dozen of other functions. All watches reviews of this brand is something wonderful, because editor have a great time only by testing all the functions of these models.

Worth to mention that G-SHOCK brand have become very popular with Special Forces groups in both American and other NATO nation units, due to their being “battle tested”. So by getting this kind of Casio product you can be calm about the time in every possible situation, while the same watch you are buying can be at the SEAL wrist.

Lets look at several stress tests:

Micheal Kors banner

Michael Kors watch

American fashion designer Michael Kors is well known for his talent and taste of fashion. That is confirmed among celebrities, who wear designer creations. Not exception is timepieces. First line of this brand watches was released in 2001 and quickly spread throughout the world flagship boutiques.

Michael Kors brings value and quality to his line of watches, where we can see attention to details. To reach perfect sense of style and fashion designer use rose gold, yellow gold metals and Swarovski crystals. Every timepiece has water-resistance feature, stainless steel casing are either analog or chronograph movement. As well as the strap can be made of ceramic, acetate or polyurethane, while leather straps can be from python to crocodile patterns.

Every stylish women are obligated to have one of the Michael Kors watch. The brand is emblematic of the finest quality standards and as Kors said himself: “It’s powerful, confident urban dressing for modern times.”  Crystals and Gold-tone comes along with the be very reasonable pri, what is mentioned in almost every watches reviews.

What is more import there hard to find the women, who would be disappointed with the Michael Kors watch. At the moment you put it on, you won’t be able to stop admiring it and looking at it!

Casio EDIFICE banner

Casio EDIFICE men’s watch

Casio make some of the most technologically advanced digital wrist watches and EDIFICE series can be at a top of this. EDIFICE collection of watches has been in development for the last few years. Almost each model has water resistance up to 90 meters and unscratchable mineral crystal.

Casio watches have one interesting attribute. These are almost never counterfeited. One of the main reason, price of high quality copies can exceed the original one. Casio timepieces are produced in large quantities, using the most innovative Japanese technologies. One of them is “Tough movement”, which is Casio original thin analog movement.

The most interesting thing will be to figure out every function that Casio Edifice watch has and depending on the model, it can have a dozen of them. Drive technology enables 1/1,000 second analog measurement, while some of this brand timepieces is also set to sync itself with a local atomic clock several times a day.

Although you might think that all these technologies are overcrowding the watch, but super comfortable on the wrist is guaranteed.

Invicta watches banner

Invicta men’s watch

Needless to say, that Switzerland are famous for it watches. Meanwhile the Invicta origins like a coincidence also comes from this land, when in 1837 Raphael Picard in La Chaux-de-fonds founded this company, which now can be proud of the continuity of quality and solidity.

Invicta watches for men’s is created for everyday use as well as for a great social occasion or out-of-doors adventuring. Every one will find a timepiece, which will suit for him perfectly. This brand is ideal choise for those who want a solid look, charateristics and at the same time reasonable cheap item. The reasonable cheap term means it can compete with the brands like Rolex, but being five or even more time cheaper than mentioned brand product. Sound materials and innovative designs create a stellar balance of function and fashion for those in need of time on a budget.

All that are only confirmed by the fact that Invicta are top-selling watches in the USA. Great quality, top materials, keep good time – Swiss Made Invicta watches have truly great value for the cost.

Seiko Company


Seiko is well know Japanese watch company. Seiko is focusing on all range production, both quartz and mechanical models. Seiko mechanical watches are highly valued by collectors. Some models are out of stock, but still gets a lot of attention because of it‘s created movement design and quality. It become even more famous because of appearence in media. For an example, a couple generations of James Bond characters was wearing only this manufacturer watch.

Citizen Banner


Today Citizen is one of the biggest wrist watches company in the world. There are several reasons why company, which was established in 1918, is on the top and should be there for a long time. Citizen is providing very high quality craftsmanship production, which is confirmed by the warranty. For some models company are offering 5 years guarantee.

Citizen is Japan based company, so there is nothing amazing that this manufacturer is well known of applying new technologies and innovations to its production. Eco-Drive is just one of company brands, which has attracted much attention. These watches use a battery recharged by a solar panel hidden under the watch face.

Also Citizen production comes along with high accuracy. In the most of its production you will find Atomic timekeeping function, which synchronizes with radio clocks and keeps perfectly accurate time. Company also has other lines production for those who are seeking modern, contemporary design. If you are one of them, you should check “Secret”, “Lighthouse” brands.

Citizen also manufactures watches for collectors. Many country air forces have high quality Citizen watches made by special order. That fact means that the brand is high profile and popular among military.

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