Invicta 8926 Watch – The First Automatic Timepiece To Own?

User | September 25th, 2012 - 5:42 pm

Classic style with far above the base act put in cognizant to a fantastic activity fob observes out for your ground otherwise the deep journeys. Invicta 8926 is the best watch, on or after Invicta’s in support of Scuba diver series, places a heavy around stainless-steel enhance case relaxing on a full-bodied multiple relationship enhance armlet. The dark experience is planned for fast with straight forward read-off, still within low down luminosity environment. The best timepiece offer three-hand job through Tritnite-coated glowing hands with hour indicators with an overblown meeting show by the side of the three o ‘ grandpa time mark. The experience is assigned through a pliant marble precious stone with mounted through a dark unidirectional turning enhance frame through create outside detail. This is the best observe is passionate through Japanese technical organization, which is visible from beginning to end the thin body case back. It is ranked reduce deceased set against to a full up 200 measures. Here I am going to make an Invicta 8926 review for you all.

The Invicta 8926 diver watches is a well known of all Invicta watches available in the market. It is not for keeping time only but also a great timepiece which have elegant look and extra ordinary features. Though the 8926 is a duplicate of a “Swiss” Submariner, it maintains its own as an excellent watch. As far as my owned Scuba diver Observe Evaluation goes, I think that you will like this timepiece if:

  • You are inquisitive about self-winding watches but haven’t tried one yet.
  • You are a fan of a timepiece such as a Swiss-made Submariner but don’t want to invest more than six hundred dollar.
  • You are expecting for a watch that is resilient, but not absolutely first amount, with regards to overall excellent.

Invicta 8926 face


The timepiece, Invicta 8926 Men’s diver collection is truly an amazing piece of equipment. It is the ideal equipment for the people who are fit and enjoy aquatic games to the maximum. Basically it is designed for divers. But advantages from the fine technological innovation can be got from this wonderful piece of stainless steel watch by any people who are fan of this watch. Invicta 8926 has an additional benefit that is higher level of water resistance. By the way, I have to say that this watch is like a little brother to Invicta 9937 model.

The traditional design of The Invicta 8926 diver Automated timepiece which is also of stainless steel allows the person dressed in them to decorate any clothing both business and informal. 40 mm extensive and thirteen mm dense, the situation is perfect for not hold up against excellent absolute depths under water only, but it really is extremely immune to daily deterioration. The case’s switch is black in color and enclosed with stainless-steel frame which is unidirectional too. With the switch screen being created of nutrient amazingly, it is extremely immune to scrapes, as the firmness is a result of heat treat.

Invicta 8926 bracelet

The dials, hands, and indicators of this watch are definitely on par with the situation and bracelets. Again, the look is motivated by the popular Rolex timepiece observe Submariner, with a few exclusive variations which create Invicta’s difference on this concept exclusive. The fit and complete is high quality – though some look for the unidirectional casing on the Invicta 8926 a bit firm. I should discuss here that I’ve not grabbed any scrapes on the mineral crystal amazingly. I was originally reluctant that a non-sapphire amazingly would choose up a lot of scrapes, but the glass on the Invicta 8926 has confirmed to be fairly substantiation.

Another really awesome and exclusive feature of the Invicta 8926 is the display back which is crystal. Some thinks that this function is needless because the Myota automated activity in Invicta 8926 is incomplete and not decorative. I don’t agree with them – I think you will see in the below image that the activity technicalities which are noticeable are not at all unpleasing to the eye. It has also been valuable to both of us in knowing how an automated work.

The hard crystal is so strong that it never gets cheap in it and there is no scratch. This kind of resilient switch screen is not to be broken too, when you will make comparison to pearl amazingly. The flipside of the Invicta 8926 watches is created of nutrient glass, to skin which may not cause any irritation. With a strong stainless steel this persistent case is attached that it will be fit with any people’s wrist.

Invicta 8926 case back

Not the Invicta 8926 can keep precise time only, but it also shows the date in it. The activity of this spectacular watch is self-operated and automated, removing the want to keep in mind to twist it up every day. The self-operating feature is basically an activity process of Japanese 21-jewel automatic that allows the timepiece to be worn by simply dressed in it. Everyday this watch keeps precious time and makes you more stylish.

This kind of system doesn’t need any assortment power or battery. Changing an assortment power is a thing to keep in mind and it’s not very practical when a watch’s power supply passes away when you are in any occasion. It can be used easily under 660 feet of water during delves that don’t surpass this level. A thing that helps this watch to be in such depth, it is the screw in top.

In brief, the Invicta 8926 has become a reliable and appreciated buddy in the last season and a 50 percent. It certainly gets more hand time than any other observe I own – I use it for both perform and perform. I can’t think about not having an Invicta 8926 in my selection. Actually, I’ve considered the concept of purchasing another for the objective of placing on a set band. Being a diver and style oriented, I’ve possessed and performed with several hand watches from several different producers as well as study a lot of observe opinions on a lot of hand watches. The Invicta 8926 is a fantastic observe at any cost and Invicta is going to be a company, which has what to offer to the middle class customer, who isn’t eager to buy a new Rolex for a decent amount of money.

So don’t wait a second and grab the one with amazing $230 discount!

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Invicta 9937 Pro Diver Watch – Amazing Quality For That Price

User | June 20th, 2012 - 2:18 pm

I have worn my Citizen for 5 years and decided to find a new one, that would have the best quality for the 300 dollars price tag. Now I can confirm that after long research I found my new timepiece – Invicta 9937 Pro Diver Watch.

In this review I will try to explain why I choose exactly this model and how it managed to stand out from the crowd. First of all, every one who have interest in watches know that this model resembles Rolex Submariner quite a lot. Even children know that Rolex is the king in that market, but is costs much more too.

This timepiece came to me in a very fancy stained wooden box that was assembled using dovetails. The box inside are covered with black velvet, so from the first look everythink seems very luxury. Also there is a transparent dome with wooden sides that is intended to be placed over the watch to protect it from dust, while at the same time allowing it to be observed. It is quite exciting concept.

First of all is the movement type. I know nowadays all young people don‘t considering that parameter. What is important for them is the appearance. But I am the one from the previous century, so I give a lot attention to it. 9937 model are using Swiss Movement and what is more important it is not a Quartz, but Automatic. I have to mention, that exact name of clock movement is 26 jewel ETA 2824, which is very popular in high-end Swiss made models. One of the sweet things of the ETA 2824-2 is that it is stutter-free and moves around the dial smoothly.

Invicta Men's 9937 Watch

Continued talking about it, the movement of the rotor will go round the clock in both ways. It doesn’t matter of it is moving clockwise or counterclockwise, either direction winds the watch equally well. So you can be sure that keeping the timepiece fully wound is quite easy, even if you don’t move around much. The following catch is the movement hacks, which means that when you pull the crown out to the time setting position, the second hand stops counting. This permits you to synchronize to an external source, such as the atomic clock.

So you can imagine, in that price tag that I mentioned before, such a movement is incredible. For a record, its makes 28,800 beats per hour! The accuracy is also pretty good – about 99.9998237%. One more reason it looks like Rolex Sub-mariner, it‘s bezel looks almost the same. The dial is simple and at the same time perfect.  The hour markers are raised and numbers are done in the traditional block fashion. In top of the face clearly visible Invicta logo, while in the bottom are written that inside are ticking Swiss made Automatic movement.

This timepiece comes with one more features, which should be considered for high-end models. Having Sapphire crystal makes this product equivalent player to Rolex, Omega or Tag. As you know, sapphire crystal is practically unscratchable. That material are covering both the watch face and exhibition back and after 6 months I can‘t still observe any scratch. Adorning the crystal at the 3 o’clock position is a cyclops magnifier, used for increasing the size of the date for the purpose of making it more legible

I really like Invicta 9937 Pro Diver Watch casing. Not because it is solid, heavy and having both brushed and polish parts. I love to turn it over and through sapphire crystal look how automatic movement works. I have never seen a Swiss automatic movement in person before. In the sides are written clock model, manufacturer, main features and movement type.

Invicta Men's 9937 Watch back

With stainless-steel bracelet and case it weighs 0.74 pounds, however in my case I used to that quite quickly and now it feels comfortable on the wrist. What about the bracelet itself, it seems very, very solid. The clasp also seems very reliable. Of course, as the model name is Pro Diver it must to have a good water resistance. This model has resistance to 660 feet.

At a moment I really prefer the way it feels on my wrist and I am very happy with my purchase, as for this price I get the quality, which is almost the same as Rolex and others high-end class timepieces. I truly believe that Invicta brand will deserve its name with that kind of products.

I would strongly recommend don’t wait for beter offer and grab one now for sure with amazing $400 discount!

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