Seiko SKX007 – Classic Dive

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What is one of the most valuable thing for every of us? What is starting running out at the very first second we reached this world? It is the time. For me the time is such a thing that has to be sold for the best price. Sometime the best amount of sum can be good emotion, sometimes a good salary. In order to keep up with all of it we have to track it no matter where we are or what the conditions are.

Japanese manufacturer Seiko know that and can offer a big range of timepieces, which can perfectly work in almost every condition, especially when we are talking about the water. Seiko was established more than a hundred-year ago – at 1881. Since than company not only accrue plenty of experience, but also constantly applying advanced technologies. Seiko is of the best know watches company creating a new generation of timepiece mechanisms.

Seiko SKX007

Seiko has a lot of wonderful products, but at this time my attention will be focused on dive line and its member – Seiko SKX007. Company presented this line in late 1960s. Since then Seiko diver watches become well evaluated for its durability, competency and competitive price. Maybe Seiko SKX007 isn’t the best looking watch, but who had change to wear Seiko diver timepiece a couple decades ago, will understand and feel the nostalgia because it is the last classic diver from this Japanese company.

As a classical one it won’t stand out from the crowd, but everyone who is owning it really doesn’t want to. Every piece of it is perfectly designed and assembled. What makes it even more cuter is the bezel. It feels so precisely by rotating it and it has exact 120 clicks over the round. Second hand rotating so solidly and gracefully. The face has solid black color, what even more highlights the luminosity. It makes the Lume on this watch stunning. It is not even lasts all night, but also can be considered better than some high price products (e.g. Rolex Sub). What is more, by viewing sideways on Lume it gives great distortion effect.

As other diver timepiece, the cover of face is made of Hardlex. Hardlex is considering to be the best material for diver watches because of its excellent features to restrain the pressure, what is common thing in deep water. The case itself feels very solid and are made of unbrushed steel. Taking it in the hand at the first second you can tell it isn’t the cheap one. Also, the crown is big enough and because of deeper groves it let you without any trouble set the time.

Timepiece arrives with the Jubilee bracelet, which are featured with folded end-links and stainless steel links. Bracelet is created to ensure top level comfort and the best fit.

Seiko SKX007

This Seiko SKX007 timepiece isn’t only for those who loves authentic things. It has a great 21-jewel self-winding mechanical movement for less than 200 dollars. In general, it runs faster about 10-17 seconds every day. Those who own automatic watch, know that is pretty accurate. For more, it also has Diashock protection technology, which guarantees reliability in the most serious conditions. However, the main features because this timepiece is so good is the durability and quality. This watch without any maintenance can run for more that 20 years! If you don’t believe, you can check other people experience here.

For less than 200 dollars you will get the classic looking and authentic timepiece, which will run no matter what weather, temperature or condition is. Tell me, where you can find better watch for this sum and will change mine Seiko SKX007 to it immediately. So don’t wait for the apocalypse and get it now with the $238.99 discount.

Check today discount below:

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7 Responses to “Seiko SKX007 – Classic Dive”

  1. Jason E. says:

    THE best dive watch in the world at this price. For paying that cheap you get robust automatic movement with pretty good accuracy. It has the best luminosity I have ever seen. And I have seen some great watches as Rolex Sub as well. Getting this one you can’t go wrong!

  2. Rondo says:

    Watch is a good size to wear for sports or to work. If there is a perfect watch, this comes pretty close. In my opinion this is the best value in this particular watch segment.

  3. JamesGarnet says:

    Worth every penny. It is the most durable and reliable watch I have owned. I am statisfied with it and would recommend it!

  4. Rob Sch. says:

    For me it is perfect watch. Very durable and looks really authentic. I love that.

  5. Brent says:

    The quality of this watch is amazing. Japanese and Seiko know how to make good stuff. Second Seiko diver watch and it is perfect in all possible ways. Approved!

  6. Tim in NY says:

    It has very high quality for watch that cost less than $300. Absolutely no regrets buying it.

  7. Nathan S. says:

    Own it for more than a few years and since now don’t have no complaints about this watch! It is brilliant. I love active leisure and it goes whatever I go. I don’t know if other watches could withstand everything that Seiko SKX007 had. Absolutely recommend. You will get a great product for such a low price.

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