Casio G-Shock Riseman GW-9200 – I Found My Precious One

User | July 16th, 2012 - 8:38 pm

Considering to find something with the strong durability and the same time with the features like Pathfinder series, I was lucky to observe the Casio GW-9200 G-Shock Riseman model. Now I can say that this one is the best of all G-Shock at the moment. In this review I will try to prove that phrase and will thank to Casio for this masterpiece.

I will start with my first look, when it arrived to me. It comes in very simple box. Just by opening it the first thing I found was the manual (Don‘t throw it away, in the very near future you might need it). Just after it there were a solid metal can with stamped logos. Just by opening it the Riseman is already looking at you with it‘s sharp design, clear display and eye-pleasing casing. At the moment I took it into my hand I realised it is quite light, contrary to how it look on the e-shop image.

By turning it around one thing I see is the red button, which from first look is hidden. Also nobody can not to miss the G letter on the stainless steal bar on the bottom. There is a very cleverly made light button. At the back of the clock is the Casio brand and the Flying dragon picture. Overall, the first impression was great. Nice touchy glass, pretty slim and cute metal are looking pretty decent.

G-Shock GW-9200

The second thing to look after will be the bunch of features it has. This small device is like a technological machine. It has all kind of measurements. Starting by barometric pressure, altitude, temperature and ending by reasonably accurate weather patterns. What is more, watch gets the energy from the Sun, because it is using solar technology. Another few features are word synchronize time, 24+ world times, 24 hours  stopwatch, 24 hours countdown and 5 mode alarms.

To be more detailed, it sync with six different towers around the word, which are in US, Japan, Europe and China. While the red eye space is also have it‘s function and with it is very easy always to track the pressure of the air. In this way, if the weather pressure is going down the simple arrow will point to down, if pressure is increasing, the arrow respectively will point to top. If the barometer won‘t notice any changes, the arrow will point to the right.

The Casio GW-9200 G-Shock Riseman also has a altimeter track function, which let you not only to see the altitude measurements.  You can also set the altimeter to a certain numbert, so by climbing higher you can seek how much you have left. It also records the changes of altitude and finally gives you a nice graph. It also gives you a temperature gauge, but if you want to be perfectly sure about the temperature, you should place the clock somewhere, but not on your wrist, because small mistake could occur because of your own body temperature.

Every feature seems to work fine, but I was a little not sure how all these fancy things will fit into that small screen without a big complexity on buttons side. I can say, Casio manage to surprise me. In the main timekeeping mode without all necessary details like time, day and date, on the red-eye it also shows atmospheric pressure. In other modes the times is also displayed, excluding the altimeter, which require a little more display space. But that is fine, because the last one parameter isn‘t necessary all the time.

G-Shock GW-9200

I have already mentioned about almost everything. Except one of the main things: comfortability. I have some classic wristwatches as well as some sports one. And sometimes besides all these fancy features, the one thing I notice is lack of comfort feeling. If you forgot about wearing something on your wrist, that proves that the model is comfortable. I have heard that some of timepieces have a problem for left-handed people, because they wear watches on the right wrist and time ffrom time the setting button are digging the arm. I tried to wear it on my right, but I can say it was totally normal. I think this is because the button is greatly protected. I can‘t be sure, but I think the same protection is on every new G-Shock, so every left-handed person can be calm about it.

I even started to wear it on the office everyday. The band is light, secure enough and I personally love it’s nice texture. Wearing the Riseman on cold or very hot day is piratically the same, I can‘t report any noticeable problem about that. By the way, they are also giving you two buckles, instead of one.

For review overall, I can bravely give 10 points for the Casio GW-9200 G-Shock Riseman watch. It has everything, at the same moment it is very durable and not to complex for casual user. With all those features I coudn‘t find the better one for that price. Or maybe you can? Although, good luck by searching. But I would strongly recommend don’t wait anything and grab one now with $88 discount!

Great things:

  • Current time is shown in almost all modes.
  • Barometer graph always visible in timekeeping mode
  • Atomic clock sync and solar powered
  • Durable with Excellent and clear display

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Casio EQS500DB-1A1 Edifice Watch – Excellent Mid-Range Choice (Video)

User | June 19th, 2012 - 6:44 pm

I have been searching for a new timepiece to replace my old one. Going through all models and producers I stumbled onto Casio’s Edifice line, which was new for me. Before that I have focused on Seiko and Citizen models, but Casio truly know how to captivate with combination of appearance and technologies. Also all reviews, which I manage to found were positive.

Casio EQS500DB-1A1 Edifice Watch suprise me beeing nice looking, solar powered and quite fairly priced. At that price range product feels much more expensive than it is. The few reaons for that are the material quality, weight and technolgies inside it. I very like it youthful, modern and sporty design.

This model comes in 3 colors, a silver, rose gold, and black. The color isn‘t the main detail. The most stunning thing is clear and handsome screen with mineral glass, which gives a great clarity. I also very liked solution to hide the function buttons, from the clock face and label them in the back of it. In overall face looks beautiful, more classier and very well designed.

I noticed that the case is made of polished stainless steel, meanwhile the band is brushed. It seems quite logical, because sometimes I observe that the only thing I want to change is bracelet. It always gets scratches, which logically are less observed on brushed surfaced. But all in all, band is solid enough, also being at the perfect balance of weight.

Casio EQS500DB-1A1 Edifice Watch on table

As other Edifice models, this also have some advanced technologies. First of all solar power feature, which works very well and eliminates the need for battery changes. To be sure, that battery will be charged, you can place timepiece in sunlight for half day once in a month. By buying this model you should be ready to spend few hours for learning. There is some thing to understand in this complex model.

You already can see, that on the panel it has sub-menu, which are used for many purposes. The stop watch will get the job done quite well for any less intensive tasks. Daily Alarm function also done it mainly function without any disorders. The time can be changed by choosing time zones. There are 29 cities to choose from. One more feature I like is that I don‘t need to care about correct date after each month ends. That is because full auto-calendar pre-programmed until the year 2099.

Being solar powered, it also has power saving function. You can noticed, that second hands just stops moving after Casio EQS500DB-1A1 Edifice Watch is not used for a few hours. If you don‘t believe, can try to place it in a calm position and look what is going to happen. Being at power saving mode timepiece keeps internal time and after waking up, the hands shift back to the position, they should be.

The dial features silver-toned luminous hour markers and hands powered by precise quartz movement, so accuracy is quite fine. With no signal calibration watch going to lose about 15 seconds per month.

In overall I find what I was searching for. After month of intensive use Casio Men’s EQS500DB-1A1 Edifice Watch proved its durability and functionality. I love his precise design and how it looks like on my wrist! In my case, its truly worth the price.

So I would strongly recommend don’t wait for Christmas and grab one now for sure with $80 discount!

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Casio PAW2000T-7CR Pathfinder – Handsome Looking Functionality

User | June 19th, 2012 - 1:04 pm

Even I prefer to a stylish timepieces, but I was intrigued by a functionality that could be offered by a watch. Checking forums I stooped by Casio G-SHOCK and Pathfinder brands, because all the feedbacks of the owners were just incredible. So I also decided to try it.

The line of this brands is so long and the assortiment is big enough to get lost. But I finally find something interesting. I choosed Casio PAW2000T-7CR Pathfinder. Firstly, why I decided to buy certainly this model , is because it hadn‘t  so geeky appearance as other competitors. It looks clean and is eye-catching , what is hard to find in range of timepieces. Also the number of features also was a great for that king of price! As I now, the price of the it is slashed quite a lot for a moment – more than 30 percent!

When I bought Casio PAW2000T-7CR is was the newest model of all Pathfinders in a market. The first thing to notice is the case of clock. This model actually is a much thinner, than older models. This is much better, because timepiece sit on your wrist much better. What is more, It doesn’t look so big, as a previuos models. To note, the case are from titanium, so as you know this material is 20-30 percent lighter than stainless steel, and what is more important for me, it is more adorable! The bracelet has security band, so you can be sure it wont get drop in some active situations or by accident.

Casio PAW2000 at close look

And now about the features.  It has a bunch of it. I start this review with the Pathfinder’s solar technology . It means, that battery in this model is basically recharged by any source of light, indoors or outdoors. It is great feature, because practically you won‘t need to change the battery anymore! Another great features is Multi-Band 6 Atomic timekeeping, so you will never have to set a time, because it automatically pick up the time calibration signal transmitted in USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Japan and Chine. You even won‘t notice the sync, because it receive the time calibration signal automatically in the middle of the night and update its settings accordingly.

It also has Altimeter, Barometer and Digital Compass. Needless to say about thermometer, which is also included. Just by compressing the compass button, it will tell you the direction that the top of watch are facing. Without the direction it will also shows the degrees in number. Even the compass function is on, the watch is still showing the time. All you need to do, to see barometer is to push the second buttons from the top.  This feature predict changing weather patterns,  also graphically displays  pressure for the past 24 hours.  The altimeter function is turned in by pushing the third button. It checks and displays the altitude every two minutes.  In this function I like that you can set some places and then check the difference of altitude between them.

And there is the function that I use the most (not counting alarm clock). When the day is getting longer I love to look up the time of sunrises and sunsets. I have to mention, that that mode is very accuracy to any timeline and location.

For the end on review I reserve part about the display. At know I can say, that a good display of that kind of watch is essential.  Before buying it I was afraid of grey display, but now I can say it is bright enough for me.  The backlight is pleasant green  uniform and justified my expectations. As I mentioned, by turning on special modes, the times reading is displayed at the bottom of the screen and I love it, because after this purchase I have faced with those, with didn‘t have that.

Without all these features, Casio PAW2000T-7CR is durable, quality build, light and look quite well. I love it for that. For this time I can‘t find anything better for that price. I hope so you will have the same feeling after purchase. If you had doubts about buying this watch before reading this review, I believe they disappeared.

I would strongly recommend don’t wait for Christmas and grab one now for sure with $99 discount!

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