Fossil CE1010 Watch – Maybe The Best Christmas Gift For Wife (Video)

User | June 24th, 2012 - 3:59 pm

One of the best thing about timepiece is that it can be a super universal gift for both men and women. But it also come along as a solid present, where consideration are necessary before buying one. Sometimes it requires some knowledge of basics stuff, while other time you just need a good taste of fashion and well-know the person, who will get your present.

But to choose Fossil CE1010 Watch you really don’t need all these abilities I mentioned before. Almost everything about that clock I will try to submit at this review, because my wife was truly satisfied with that Christmas gift and I want to encourage other men to take action and cheer your ladies.

First of all, watch comes in rounded metal box, what isn’t usual for me. Before this purchase, every watch for men’s I had bought were in plastic or cardboard box, so from the very beginning Fossil managed to surprise me. Just after unboxing the watch I released that in reality it looks much more gorgeously than in picture.

The first thing that is caught by the eye is the bracelet. At the moment you take it, the feeling of ceramics fascinate you. I have heard someone saying that ceramic bracelet is not a competitor to the metal ones, because ceramic do not perform well with tension or torsion loads. But I think that is just a not justified opinion, because today watchmakers adopt ceramic with the latest technologies. That material are transformed into high endurance and scratch resistant bracelets.

Fossil CE1010 Watch from closer

Ladies love thinness and lightness, exactly that is provided with that kind of bend. What is more import for some that ceramic does not cause any allergies, as some other metals. From this moment I won‘t even look at a timepiece with a metal bend, when I will be looking for another women’s watch. What can I say more about the bracelet itself, that the butterfly clasp on it is very comfortable and especially if you are using your hands on a keyboard every day then the low profile of the flat closing is very practical.

Talking about the face/bezel, the hour markers are barely the same color as the background, but small details at the dial makes easier to see monolithic hour and minute hands. Even more it has another three dials, which are showing day of the week, day of the month and 24 hours standart time. Also in the top are clearly visible the brand. The main dial only have 12 hour marker, so in whole the face is not overcrowded. To sum up, the dial is substantial, which gives it a rich look.

All surrounding are covered with small crystals, so at the same time timepieces is also a little fancy. Anyway, it fits perfectly with daily clothes, such as jeans. Lets have a look at the case. Because of weight, in hand it feels quite solid. While wearing it on wrist, in first days you will definitely notice the case weight. In my personal opinion, that is good, because that gives you some confidence about the product. One more nice details is casing design, which encloses control pin and protect it in that way.

The last feature to check is the price. For some this sum may seem quite big, but you need to understand that paying that kind of money you will definitely get a high quality product, which will also come with 11 year guarantee! All in all, Fossil CE1010 Watch is perfect present for Christmas for your lady. I hope my recommendation helped and your purchase will make her happier.

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