Michael Kors MK5055 Watch Review

User | November 16th, 2012 - 6:44 pm

I thought of buying a new stylish, classic and a branded watch for my mom. I started searching for the branded watches for women and my search came to an end with Michael Kors. Michael Kors, a leading known and most trusted watch brands in the market. Kors is known for its quality and unique design. I checked for the latest watches introduced by them. Got attracted towards Michael Kors 5055 (MK5055). This timepiece is designed to keep up the style and trend of younger women.

Craze on ceramic and stainless steel type of watches among women have never deteriorated. Michael Kors MK5055 is exquisitely designed to meet the expectations of all women with golden ceramic finish. As chronograph watches are so in style these days, I opted for this watch. Beautifying features to say about the watch are its 3 chronograph sub-dials, date display, round shape 38mm gold-tone case of stainless steel, 3 knobs including the time set knob and Water resistant design.

I ordered through online who offered great discounts with free delivery. I presented this timepiece to my mom on delivery. She was so excited to wear this unique and beautiful watch. She liked it to the core, of course me too! Being attracted to this style and look, even I ordered one for me. It’s a great watch to wear for all occasions. Beautifying features and the elegant look got me compliments right from the first day.

Myself and mom wears 5055 Michael Kors for parties and other occasions, which makes us the center of attraction and to stand out of the crowd. It’s a watch which suits all kinds of dresses.  So it doesn’t bother me in wearing my favorite dresses with this watch. There is no weak link or discoloration till now. I use it daily. Unknowingly my mom washes dishes wearing it, because of its water resistant feature hasn’t caused any damage to her watch. Thanks for the superb quality and design by Kors taking into consideration the chores of women while designing the model.

This golden model has become one of my favorite jewelry accessory. I can’t stop myself admiring at it as soon as put it on. If you like to buy watch like this, never opt for other brands, choose this to make others get attracted and compliment you.

Are you worried about the price? You can buy it without burning a hole in your pocket. This model is available at affordable cost in online and offline stores. If you want to buy with great discounts, then online is the best option to purchase and save your penny. There are various online stores selling this stylish watch, choose the store that offers great discounts and free delivery to save money and time. Purchase, wear and make your presence in all occasions and other places  with MK5055. Get compliments from the day you wear and enjoy your life with happiness. Only few last words –  Great Watch to Wear!

Classy, stylish, timeless, beautiful, though a little heavy but you will get used to it and enjoy it. If you’re buying over the internet, you should not be worried since this watch is breathe-taking, you surely won’t regret spending your money on this. Good for both boys and girls. Even for people with small wrists, Michael kors 5055 will still look great on them. It has a classy look and it makes you elegant and classic once you wear it.

What adds to the beauty of this MK is you can wear it almost with every style. Women should have a good sense of fashion in a way that the watch will be more spectacular and look gorgeous on you.

You can try it with a white t-shirt, simple black or leopard print shoes and jeans. You can wear this anywhere either it is at the movies, mall or a trip with friends. It is a nice way to keep yourself relaxed after a long week, cut off the office wear and look cool in these.

When it’s time to hit the office again, you can try something hot and cool to match with the watch. As usual, the watch needs to be seen. Try some light colors bangles like white or pink, with a yellow dress, white shoes will do to add a very special flavor to your michael kors 5055.

Turquoise color just matches the Michael kors watch perfectly. Just the way it’s bright and the way both of the colors are good for summer, make it your best combination. You can wear these colors at the parties or just a day out!

This watch is great for every weather and any colors but summer makes it the best. It’s just gives you the reason to love the summer weather, so make sure to buy Michael Kors 5055 as a gift for yourself this summer!

For men, this is one of the most unforgettable and the best gift you can give to your wife and I assure you that she’ll just treasure it always. Goes with everything and also on every occasion, waterproof is another advantage, and it does not lust.

Earthy and bright nail colors are good to go with MK. Colors like pink, green, blue, turquoise are very nice to blend so that your wrist can deserve the watch.  Look for pure leather handbags, this match will make you look elegant and gorgeous. Snakeskin handbags materials and leopard print are the most gorgeous handbags that can give you the best look with it.

Though this watch goes almost with everything, but it’s clearly true that some colors are going to blend the best with it, this is inevitable. I hate to say it but if you going to buy this MK; you should be committed because you also need to have the outfits that will blend together with the watch. So the watch can easily affect your wardrobe but just go with it since it affects the wardrobe positively-you’ll be a queen!

So don’t wait a second and check out for the discount, which is $75!

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Invicta 8926 Watch – The First Automatic Timepiece To Own?

User | September 25th, 2012 - 5:42 pm

Classic style with far above the base act put in cognizant to a fantastic activity fob observes out for your ground otherwise the deep journeys. Invicta 8926 is the best watch, on or after Invicta’s in support of Scuba diver series, places a heavy around stainless-steel enhance case relaxing on a full-bodied multiple relationship enhance armlet. The dark experience is planned for fast with straight forward read-off, still within low down luminosity environment. The best timepiece offer three-hand job through Tritnite-coated glowing hands with hour indicators with an overblown meeting show by the side of the three o ‘ grandpa time mark. The experience is assigned through a pliant marble precious stone with mounted through a dark unidirectional turning enhance frame through create outside detail. This is the best observe is passionate through Japanese technical organization, which is visible from beginning to end the thin body case back. It is ranked reduce deceased set against to a full up 200 measures. Here I am going to make an Invicta 8926 review for you all.

The Invicta 8926 diver watches is a well known of all Invicta watches available in the market. It is not for keeping time only but also a great timepiece which have elegant look and extra ordinary features. Though the 8926 is a duplicate of a “Swiss” Submariner, it maintains its own as an excellent watch. As far as my owned Scuba diver Observe Evaluation goes, I think that you will like this timepiece if:

  • You are inquisitive about self-winding watches but haven’t tried one yet.
  • You are a fan of a timepiece such as a Swiss-made Submariner but don’t want to invest more than six hundred dollar.
  • You are expecting for a watch that is resilient, but not absolutely first amount, with regards to overall excellent.

Invicta 8926 face


The timepiece, Invicta 8926 Men’s diver collection is truly an amazing piece of equipment. It is the ideal equipment for the people who are fit and enjoy aquatic games to the maximum. Basically it is designed for divers. But advantages from the fine technological innovation can be got from this wonderful piece of stainless steel watch by any people who are fan of this watch. Invicta 8926 has an additional benefit that is higher level of water resistance. By the way, I have to say that this watch is like a little brother to Invicta 9937 model.

The traditional design of The Invicta 8926 diver Automated timepiece which is also of stainless steel allows the person dressed in them to decorate any clothing both business and informal. 40 mm extensive and thirteen mm dense, the situation is perfect for not hold up against excellent absolute depths under water only, but it really is extremely immune to daily deterioration. The case’s switch is black in color and enclosed with stainless-steel frame which is unidirectional too. With the switch screen being created of nutrient amazingly, it is extremely immune to scrapes, as the firmness is a result of heat treat.

Invicta 8926 bracelet

The dials, hands, and indicators of this watch are definitely on par with the situation and bracelets. Again, the look is motivated by the popular Rolex timepiece observe Submariner, with a few exclusive variations which create Invicta’s difference on this concept exclusive. The fit and complete is high quality – though some look for the unidirectional casing on the Invicta 8926 a bit firm. I should discuss here that I’ve not grabbed any scrapes on the mineral crystal amazingly. I was originally reluctant that a non-sapphire amazingly would choose up a lot of scrapes, but the glass on the Invicta 8926 has confirmed to be fairly substantiation.

Another really awesome and exclusive feature of the Invicta 8926 is the display back which is crystal. Some thinks that this function is needless because the Myota automated activity in Invicta 8926 is incomplete and not decorative. I don’t agree with them – I think you will see in the below image that the activity technicalities which are noticeable are not at all unpleasing to the eye. It has also been valuable to both of us in knowing how an automated work.

The hard crystal is so strong that it never gets cheap in it and there is no scratch. This kind of resilient switch screen is not to be broken too, when you will make comparison to pearl amazingly. The flipside of the Invicta 8926 watches is created of nutrient glass, to skin which may not cause any irritation. With a strong stainless steel this persistent case is attached that it will be fit with any people’s wrist.

Invicta 8926 case back

Not the Invicta 8926 can keep precise time only, but it also shows the date in it. The activity of this spectacular watch is self-operated and automated, removing the want to keep in mind to twist it up every day. The self-operating feature is basically an activity process of Japanese 21-jewel automatic that allows the timepiece to be worn by simply dressed in it. Everyday this watch keeps precious time and makes you more stylish.

This kind of system doesn’t need any assortment power or battery. Changing an assortment power is a thing to keep in mind and it’s not very practical when a watch’s power supply passes away when you are in any occasion. It can be used easily under 660 feet of water during delves that don’t surpass this level. A thing that helps this watch to be in such depth, it is the screw in top.

In brief, the Invicta 8926 has become a reliable and appreciated buddy in the last season and a 50 percent. It certainly gets more hand time than any other observe I own – I use it for both perform and perform. I can’t think about not having an Invicta 8926 in my selection. Actually, I’ve considered the concept of purchasing another for the objective of placing on a set band. Being a diver and style oriented, I’ve possessed and performed with several hand watches from several different producers as well as study a lot of observe opinions on a lot of hand watches. The Invicta 8926 is a fantastic observe at any cost and Invicta is going to be a company, which has what to offer to the middle class customer, who isn’t eager to buy a new Rolex for a decent amount of money.

So don’t wait a second and grab the one with amazing $230 discount!

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Casio G-Shock Riseman GW-9200 – I Found My Precious One

User | July 16th, 2012 - 8:38 pm

Considering to find something with the strong durability and the same time with the features like Pathfinder series, I was lucky to observe the Casio GW-9200 G-Shock Riseman model. Now I can say that this one is the best of all G-Shock at the moment. In this review I will try to prove that phrase and will thank to Casio for this masterpiece.

I will start with my first look, when it arrived to me. It comes in very simple box. Just by opening it the first thing I found was the manual (Don‘t throw it away, in the very near future you might need it). Just after it there were a solid metal can with stamped logos. Just by opening it the Riseman is already looking at you with it‘s sharp design, clear display and eye-pleasing casing. At the moment I took it into my hand I realised it is quite light, contrary to how it look on the e-shop image.

By turning it around one thing I see is the red button, which from first look is hidden. Also nobody can not to miss the G letter on the stainless steal bar on the bottom. There is a very cleverly made light button. At the back of the clock is the Casio brand and the Flying dragon picture. Overall, the first impression was great. Nice touchy glass, pretty slim and cute metal are looking pretty decent.

G-Shock GW-9200

The second thing to look after will be the bunch of features it has. This small device is like a technological machine. It has all kind of measurements. Starting by barometric pressure, altitude, temperature and ending by reasonably accurate weather patterns. What is more, watch gets the energy from the Sun, because it is using solar technology. Another few features are word synchronize time, 24+ world times, 24 hours  stopwatch, 24 hours countdown and 5 mode alarms.

To be more detailed, it sync with six different towers around the word, which are in US, Japan, Europe and China. While the red eye space is also have it‘s function and with it is very easy always to track the pressure of the air. In this way, if the weather pressure is going down the simple arrow will point to down, if pressure is increasing, the arrow respectively will point to top. If the barometer won‘t notice any changes, the arrow will point to the right.

The Casio GW-9200 G-Shock Riseman also has a altimeter track function, which let you not only to see the altitude measurements.  You can also set the altimeter to a certain numbert, so by climbing higher you can seek how much you have left. It also records the changes of altitude and finally gives you a nice graph. It also gives you a temperature gauge, but if you want to be perfectly sure about the temperature, you should place the clock somewhere, but not on your wrist, because small mistake could occur because of your own body temperature.

Every feature seems to work fine, but I was a little not sure how all these fancy things will fit into that small screen without a big complexity on buttons side. I can say, Casio manage to surprise me. In the main timekeeping mode without all necessary details like time, day and date, on the red-eye it also shows atmospheric pressure. In other modes the times is also displayed, excluding the altimeter, which require a little more display space. But that is fine, because the last one parameter isn‘t necessary all the time.

G-Shock GW-9200

I have already mentioned about almost everything. Except one of the main things: comfortability. I have some classic wristwatches as well as some sports one. And sometimes besides all these fancy features, the one thing I notice is lack of comfort feeling. If you forgot about wearing something on your wrist, that proves that the model is comfortable. I have heard that some of timepieces have a problem for left-handed people, because they wear watches on the right wrist and time ffrom time the setting button are digging the arm. I tried to wear it on my right, but I can say it was totally normal. I think this is because the button is greatly protected. I can‘t be sure, but I think the same protection is on every new G-Shock, so every left-handed person can be calm about it.

I even started to wear it on the office everyday. The band is light, secure enough and I personally love it’s nice texture. Wearing the Riseman on cold or very hot day is piratically the same, I can‘t report any noticeable problem about that. By the way, they are also giving you two buckles, instead of one.

For review overall, I can bravely give 10 points for the Casio GW-9200 G-Shock Riseman watch. It has everything, at the same moment it is very durable and not to complex for casual user. With all those features I coudn‘t find the better one for that price. Or maybe you can? Although, good luck by searching. But I would strongly recommend don’t wait anything and grab one now with $88 discount!

Great things:

  • Current time is shown in almost all modes.
  • Barometer graph always visible in timekeeping mode
  • Atomic clock sync and solar powered
  • Durable with Excellent and clear display

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