Michael Kors MK5039 Watch – Perfect Solution For Everyone

User | June 19th, 2012 - 4:40 pm

Even nowadays when the market is offering a dozen of products, it is still incredibly hard to find the right one, which would satisfied you and fulfill all the necessary requirements. For my case, I don’t have a lot of watches and I need only one, which would look solid enough go to the meetings, but not so garish for ordinal occasions.

My eyes caught a brilliant solution! It was Michael Kors MK5039 Watch. I saw it at a boutique and get absolutely fascinated. The next day I brought it. And now I could finish my story about buying a new watch, but I will countinue, because I have to share my pleasant impressions. Before buying this timepieces I was familiar with Michael Kors brand and had good opinion about it, so it was one more reason to choose that masterpiece.

I am absolutely sure that Michael Kors made his best by putting all the effort and talent to this model. Round and beige colored case seems traditional, so I don‘t have to take care what could fit with that. In other hand, the watch isn‘t too boring. The dial isn‘t empty, as in other casual timepieces. It has three more chronographs, which show the day of the week, month day and the time. I like to travel a lot, so I thought that I will find it difficult to change the time, when clock have that kind of dial. But it was really easy, since everything is done with the only single node. Also, lume makes it readable when you are using the clock in dark.

Michael Kors MK5039 Watch unboxing

Even more elegant it looks like when you notice that small crystals are inlayed in the spots of regular time indicators. At this point, attention to detail is well made. But the best thing in this model is the bracelet. It wears perfectly. The size of it is decent, in overall with case it‘s weight low and doesn‘t bother, when you have some psychical tasks.

By the way, it has water resistance up to 165 feet, so you can wash your hands absolutely without fear, that it could broke down. As a warrant it has mineral glass, therefore you will hardly make the scratch on it. Talking about quality I have to mention, that the type of movement is a reliable. Wearing it more than couple months I didn‘t saw  any big accuracy problems.

The amount of money I payed for Michael Kors MK5039 Watch is already forgotten, when I am looking at it on my wrist! Not to mention about all the compliments I get. That is the model that is unnecessary to be reviewed. The only thing you need to do, to get in love with this is only to take a look!

I would strongly recommend don’t wait for anything and grab one now for sure with $68 discount!

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